"Make only memories in your heart".

Through the Ministry of Tourism of the Government of Mexico and the General Directorate of Tourism Product Innovation, promote Romance Tourism, focusing not only on destination weddings, but also seeking the integration of other tourism products and experiences around that moment so special, that it allows the incorporation of the local population, thus contributing to raising their quality of life.

That is why the Destination Wedding Specialist Association - DWSA, the Oaxaca Convention and Visitors Bureau and all the specialized providers of this tourist destination, hold virtual workshops to create innovative tourism products aimed at Romance Tourism, with a differentiating value that gives them a distinctive touch, allowing our clients to learn more about the country's biodiversity.

Vive Huatulco Wedding Tours

Multiple scenarios to hold the best events: virgin beaches, forests, gardens, terraces, haciendas, pre-Hispanic and colonial architecture, Dominican temples, ancestral rituals, magical towns, calendas, mezcal, warm people and the best experience, which will make your events, an unforgettable moment.

It is a set of Romance experiences focused on couples who want to have an original Wedding with an identity from the Oaxacan coast, highlighting our strengths in sustainability and wellness, involving the products, services, attractions and traditions of Bahías de Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico.

We know that for couples their wedding day is a day they will remember for the rest of their lives, but on this occasion we have designed a product that will not only be fantastic for you as a couple, but also for all your guests, making this combo of experiences in an unforgettable chapter in everyone's life and with the opportunity that your Wedding will have the kindness of not affecting the ecosystem.

They will also help the local community using local products and services and all the waste that this generates, far from affecting it, will help support initiatives for the conservation of the environment in Huatulco.

The most important event of your life has become the center and axis of endless wonders to enjoy in the Mexican Pacific of Oaxaca and now we will take you by the hand through the days that you will be enjoying around your wedding, experiences that are invaluables.

What does this package include?
  • Reception of guests at the airport and transfer to the hotel.
  • Kit and welcome dinner.
  • Yoga class.
  • Zapotec ceremony.
  • Wedding banquet.
  • Tornaboda.
  • 1-7 tours to choose.
  • Transfer hotel - airport.
  • Wedding planner and coordination of all events.